Fabula Arcana

(A haphazard translation of “arcane story”)

The first foray into 2012 NaNoWriMo has begun. I’ve entered every year but one since 2005, and never succeeded. I think my highest word-count was in the realm of 1500 or so.

I’m feeling burnt out, lately. I suppose that’s not an auspicious start to NaNo, or to a writing career. There’s the catch, though: if I want a writing career, I have to start writing. If I can only finish one thing, maybe I’ll be pushed to do more.

I’m doing something different for NaNo this year. The whole thing is going to be based off of Tarot cards. I purchased two decks this morning, one with cats (at the husband’s insistence and which was then appropriated by him to create D&D characters), and one called “The Wild Wood Tarot.” I like the imagery on it; very earthy, pagan, nature-based stuff.

Websites have been searched, NaNo boards trawled for ideas, purchased Tarot for Writers, plot begun. Only two months to go…


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