Rising Conflict: coming soon to no televisions ever

A hypothetical reality tv show based on writers. It’ll have everything– drama, tears, cutthroat competion!

Camera pans over a room of aspiring authors…doing, well, not much. Some type or scribble, a few in a slow methodical fashion but most in frantic bursts punctuated by staring, drinking
(no one is entirely sure of the various mugs’ contents), tearing their hair out, etc.

Close up of one author, video diary format. He seems to have been asked why he’s here.

“Well, I want to win, I want to get published. Nobody wants to go home just for having a bad day on your word count. I want to want to win. I mean, of course, we’re all here to win, it would be disingenuous to imply otherwise– and I’m sure the others and producing great work, in fact I was just bouncing ideas off of Megan yesterday and she let me read an excerpt of her novel, it’s really good stuff, I can’t wait to see it in print…”

The sound of the camera-person’s snoring begins to drown out the author.

Maybe I should hold off on pitching that.

(I’d like to claim sick and sleepless for this, but honestly I would probably still be amused by it were I healthy and well-caffinated. No accounting for taste, you know.)