The Plot Is Afoot!

(Or something– I admit, I don’t know my literary references as well as I ought.)

Several evenings with FreeMind and the tarot deck have resulted in a main character, a world (well, a culture), and roughly the first act of a plot. It seems this year’s going to run fantasy. I’m not sure if that’s because the deck I have is back-to-nature/pagan-themed, and that’s what it brought to mind, or if that’s just where I’m tending to go right now.

It’s funny: I read almost exclusively scifi, but write almost exclusively fantasy. I’ve got a YA futuristic series in planning, but it reads like fantasy in a lot of ways due to being fairly low-tech.  I’ve been thinking about trying to branch out a little, maybe take a stab at mystery (hah, hah, I’m hilarious) or romance. I guess I’ve always felt like there’s too much in the way of strictures there, but considering how well this tarot experiment is going, I wonder if maybe that’s what I need. Goodness knows, when I’ve got a free reign on things it all peters out halfway through (or less- often I’m lucky to get a thousand words out of something).

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe after NaNo, I’ll do a serial novel on the blog. It would keep me writing, at least.


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